Teach you to start from zero APP eight App rankings change radically is what experience

nearly half a month, a lot of APP rankings appear violent fluctuations, CP have come to ask why. After the observation of the son, in addition to the slight impact of Apple’s algorithm changes, most of the reasons for the problem is to promote the channel. Today, the son of the list ranking fluctuations in detail.

"start from scratch to teach you APP promotion (seven):AppStore and these exposure bit!"

one, the impact of ranking factors

1 daily download activation

download activation is the list of the most intuitive impact factors, the proportion of each algorithm in the adjustment, although there are fluctuations, but it is the big head, which is now the focus of all the mainstream way to optimize the way. Once the ranking appears to decline rapidly, the first reaction is to view the latest daily data fluctuations. Under normal circumstances, the daily fluctuations of the new data will be earlier than the list of fluctuations in the ranking of 1-5 days time.


comments not only have a positive impact on the keywords ranking, but also enhance the ranking list. The quantity and quality of the comments will become one of the most important factors for users to download APP, but note that each comment Apple audit, audit time range, once the poor / disorder assessment / induction review, will give APP buried a stealth bomber.

3 retained

retained, including the next day retention / three days retention / retention of /14 days of the remaining seven days, it is an important factor in determining whether Apple APP popular, Apple will be retained to determine the authenticity of APP users. If the amount of false (retention rate is only one of the reference factors, Apple has a lot of factors to determine the amount of false, focusing on the relevant information to verify the account. The contents of this area you can search "ASO work in the blind spot: AppleID weight must be considered" full details) beyond Apple’s default value, then this part will influence the ability of the ranking list of zero, bad behavior may also be under the shelf list of titles.

4 activity

Effect of

activity on the list was very low, in the adjustment process of Apple algorithm constantly, activity in the proportion was rising, which also indicates a way for the operation of the buddy list: in the dimension of traditional factors, to increase user stickiness, money platform for stimulating retained and communication task types such as " two session " and " ", " coupons; free access to " type, are needed at the same time attention.

the above four factors ranking ranking, in the analysis of the list ranking fluctuations can be followed to view the corresponding data fluctuations.

two, case analysis

1 ranked violent fluctuations in

Figure 1:


free list ranking list

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