The use of the major portal blog to promote the unspoken rules

for the webmaster for the site is small, say the dead is in the promotion, is not easy to do what this year! SEO afraid of excessive optimization right down K, blog message fear counterproductive, delete titles are trivial. I can’t say that I experienced in this area, but we need some, you only pay much attention to the promotion, and said that there is a degree, to promote can more life, using the experience of other old "teaching materials" to find new way, because you have been in place.

we use the purpose of promotion is obvious, nothing more than want to get IP, reverse link, get visibility, bring potential customers, promote sales of these. For the webmaster for the blog is very common also played a relatively long time, I do not believe that there is no fixed flow and popularity, these are the available resources, do not waste it! Although I have written a form of promotion, but I’m not looking for the forum to promote, for my own I despise such people, but for most of this form of promotion will put it to delete spam.

and we can use this very clever, to other places I delete, I sent in his blog total nobody to delete it, unless I say so! Blog relatively promotion is relatively easy, browse blogs, more friends, both friends and spread your website. This is a social network, for your good work. To someone else’s blog, I hit you in the topic Shuabing advertising, let others think it is illegal advertising, but also have a negative impact on your website. I do promotion since probably around four blog circle, relatively speaking Baidu space popularity is relatively much higher, with many different people I is updated after the Soft blog, but the most important use of blog promotion is to regularly update the blog.

sum up my own current main promotion methods, write soft article, bookmarking, quiz promotion, there are many ways to promote I have not used, because of their procedures. Website PR value is 5, so I can not very demanding to exchange friendship link in the Links aspect. My own idea is: we should be good at finding the most suitable for their own promotion, improve the flow of the site or what is just for your website and the effect of publicity.


needs to be referred to as Admin5 Chinaz, the portal has many webmaster share a lot of promotion, do not advocate before they go to see other experience, but I am afraid of affect after the webmaster blindly to pursue self. Insist on their own method is important, but also to look at other people’s experience, can help to spread their thinking and their own shortcomings of the site, according to their website strategy.

Internet content is king, all in the search engine rankings have an important user experience. In addition to the need to say that the blog promotion, to promote their website to go out, more is to own

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