Alibaba’s lack of lack of social marketing hardware thinking

2013, BAT e-commerce competition, like a raging fire, the three giants, running out of rivers and lakes, are looking at the Internet e-commerce, the magic, the moment, the Internet and social marketing arena raging like a storm, is the priority among priorities of all this competition, WeChat is able to come from behind a magic weapon.

here aside Baidu do not talk, just talk about the challenges of social marketing Alibaba launched on WeChat.

The reason for the failure of

comes from positioning and promotion

as everyone knows, WeChat after the explosive development in recent years, the scale of users and intelligent mobile phone penetration rate of almost life size, and since WeChat since 5, more and more Tencent began to show its e-commerce ambitions to instant communication drives social, social marketing to drive, to cut electricity supplier marketing, this is WeChat’s electronic commerce route map, WeChat mobile marketing services, the public number has become the preferred enterprises of all types of Internet marketing, and gradually developed into a caifutong based, closed-loop online and offline purchasing, eat through online and offline, WeChat’s appetite is not big. The Alibaba is to make it more exciting sleepless nights.

so, the Alibaba in 2013 have not been idle, according to WeChat’s attack, launched a series of measures, among them, the most let Ma pains than dealings".

from this product, you can use Taobao account login directly into the APP after the discovery, in fact, it is a complete imitation of WeChat. Although Ma is very deliberately to promote the spread of the promotion, not only their own battle, and strive to win over the use of a variety of industry heavyweights, but also issued an order to Ali employees, but also with the end of the year award hook. But it has to be said that Ma and Ali in the dealings is a failure, from the current exchange rate of penetration and usage point of view, even as NetEase’s easy letter".

, the reason for the failure, of course, is a variety of WeChat penetration is a big reason, but from the perspective of the Alibaba itself, the positioning and promotion of its products is the fundamental problem of its failure. As everyone knows, social marketing is the current e-commerce development to this stage of the focus, which is a Alibaba to launch "communication", but in how to import the Alibaba on the basis of existing achievements of social thought is a problem.

we look back at WeChat, how it came one step at a time.

WeChat did not initially have so much ambition, it is hoped that WeChat launched to ensure instant communication in the mobile Internet market share, after more than a year of intensive offensive, and with the popularity of PC terminal of the QQ rate, WeChat beat meters chat, unfamiliar street and other competitors soon when the communication field can not be formed shake the position, then, WeChat launched the group, the public number, service number, payment and a series of combination punches, e-commerce business in the absence of success will be an instant messaging tool into a group.

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