Ningxia Adsense joint line promotion case

DIY_2007 Ningxia internet poker


activity concept:

According to the idea of Chinese

wonderful internet poker this influential man, NetEase is very good, I am also one of the participating users, finally poker out, I still ask for the top 100 cards (their requirements are the top 1000 users have the opportunity, but I didn’t get). Do not know if Admin5’s friends have not received a tell.

talk about the activities of the Ningxia webmaster

soon the new year (every family needs a bar bar) on the idea of playing some of the cards on the promotion, but I have a limited financial resources on the joint of a joint promotion of Ningxia Adsense, specific activities:

, participation requirements: as long as the site of Ningxia (personal blog must have an independent domain name) have the opportunity to participate.
two, the specific cost: from A to 2 of diamonds and spades, the order according to the size of each card to determine prices, except for the size of the king, in order to allow more Ningxia website to participate in we divide it into 52. According to the above table price can buy multiple locations.
five, issue: 10000/52=192 side every purchase of a poker position can get 192 free poker, my family and friends.
six, although it is free, but the cards do not have to worry about will be bundled SP, without having to worry about rogue plug-ins, no need to worry about pop-up ads, pure green products.
seven, is called "the two cards are the size of the king" 90% card poker game lore in the tens of thousands, and in fact K has represented the king (King), and this card is larger than that of K means that the position higher than the king, presumably can be higher than the only spiritual leader of the king’s position. So we are looking for the spiritual leader of the Internet in Ningxia.

activities launched 3 days has now set the position of 31 undetermined


this page is the theme of the event page

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