Webmaster warned you how to face up to the circle of friends marketing behavior


circle of friends do exist to breed a good marketing environment, in this environment, seems to have formed two kinds of situation, one is resolutely put an end to false marketing behavior, and even spread to the marketing of the normal behavior, work together to create a circle of friends in a piece of pure land, is the only communication between friends of the small circle to warm emotion creating the trust of friends; the other is the presence of marketing behavior in favor of a circle of friends, but resolutely resist and fight against false bad information marketing behavior; these two different ideas have a common, is determined not to let the false marketing information pollution WeChat circle of friends, then can not exclude all of the marketing activities, if it is certainly that violate the laws of ethics and development of things.

someone’s place, there will be a deal, the market will naturally form, WeChat circle of friends in the marketing and above the truth is the same, not to mention WeChat has a huge user base behind. This shows that it is impossible to put an end to all things, the law of development, homeopathy is the truth. Focus on four aspects from the following analysis, see how to remove the WeChat circle of friends in the marketing activities? Only to see the situation in order to have better development, better days after marketing activities.

really found a place to live. The WeChat platform after a long hone, with a perfect "mopping up" mechanism, so that if there is a loophole as before, walking a fine line marketing routines, can be said to be unworkable, finally will be hit, can not for short-term interests regardless of the long, if there are people rush into danger so, can be said to be dead. What is the long-term strategy, do not waste, to the healthy and stable long-term development is the hard truth, there must be no conditions to fully adapt to the WeChat platform, the rules of the game, only within the rules can have more living space, in order to have better development. If in the process of development, some potential risks may be titles, it is a dangerous phenomenon, only completely away from these factors, is a real find living space. Such a space requires a long-term vision, the need for ambitious goals. Since the WeChat platform to carry out marketing activities, in addition to normalization, we must take into account the interests of WeChat, innovative marketing ideas, but also to find a living space.

grasp the stability of things. WeChat marketing force has many advantages, people generally see WeChat is the circle of friends have a good accuracy of marketing and concealment, but ignored the most basic problems, marketing things instability. Here refers to the micro business in marketing, can grasp the initiative of things, not to be swallowed. For example, in marketing, information spread has absolutely no effect, or information is constantly expanding, away from the thing itself, the meaning of the original, created his own point of no control, so distorted the thing itself is not the scene, marketers want to see, but the natural things "those rumors". This requires marketing must be able to fully grasp in their own hands when the activity, but also can freely.

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