How to make the portal site free of charge for you to do long term advertising

      this article is mainly about the movie website propaganda method, case to Kyushu cinema as an example, the case propaganda method about property type site next to Qi Yi housing as an example of network!

      I believe that the film website many personal webmaster, real success is not much, including me (the main reason I am too lazy ^).

      now that movie station are used to fill the love collection tool library, although the library is soon filled, but the content is very messy, very poor, to search engines crawl very adverse, keywords are not good, especially the acquisition forum. This is the lazy approach, as the saying goes, there are early birds to eat, want to do a good job site can not lazy, I understand.

      good nonsense not say, turn to the question!

      in the end how to make the portal free of charge for you to do long-term label advertising? Simple summary of a sentence is: the use of the popular video site to promote.

      for example: please take a look at this video this is a publication of a video in my music website, the day after the approval of more than 30 thousand people watched over, as is currently the location of more than 60 thousand people have visited.

      one may ask the other’s website, after all is said and done, oh, buddy that you have no intention to see ah, careful Adsense may have found the secret, see the video playback with a on the corner of the word?

      this is true, the general users watch video, also want to see more video types or want to go to the station to see the source of curiosity, usually on your website, this is propaganda (I have a way to Kyushu cinema used, the effect is good the day passed, the video website the day after I visit soared 5000IP. Think about what if some of the big video sites will be transmitted. Even if others do not enter your site, but others will see you see the video site, at least let people know that there is such a website, you can also play a trademark effect.

    well, the method is given out, and so you do it, and now a lot of video sites, the fire is also a lot, a huge amount of access to a lot of support online  

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