How do make the customer through the network wholesale

SEO, a means of network marketing, which is a fire a few years ago, a network marketing. At present, it seems that this network marketing is not so fire, and the network marketing circles are saying, SEO increasingly difficult to do". That’s what most people think.

through SEO, in the end how to make money? This is the master of this article to introduce.

The key point:

SEO is a kind of means, not limited to SEO, the combination of traditional industries and the Internet is the kingly way.

my name is Qin Yuntian, 08 years to start a business, then do Wangzhuan, CPS chat room promotion, then earn money to bring home the remaining part, buy a computer, buy office furniture, mainly to promote the chat room, the chat room is 0.3 yuan and registered a 40% Commission, then is the NetEase blog ranked the best drainage, several key words, to 100 thousand IP traffic, usually tens of thousands of IP.


When the

at the end of 08 to SEO, was very interested in SEO, so we have to find online tutorials, mainly is to learn a few points, updated daily original articles, make good use of the domain name space program, updated every day the chain was put words to row up.

engineering drilling service in 2010 when the venture, short-term small customers, was first built in the website, and don’t and cooperation, introduce customers to others, then earn commission, first introduced a single telephone made 5000 dollars.

see profits so much, and then buy a machine from a friend and ask people to do, they only need to call the customer online and then to talk about their own signed a contract, so that employees to operate. The beginning of the first month is very smooth after 20 tens of thousands of business, earned nearly 100 thousand, so immediately buy the second machines.

but the purchase of second-hand machine, the operation of the process there are many problems in the mountains of the machine is often bad, the cost of repair is too high. After the decline in business, lack of experience, two machines invited a few people, spending too much.

did a few single business losses, do more to stand up, then the results thanks to more risk.

summary: people can not be a little small achievements, they began to take a bath, random cross. Was not calm enough, and now the most serious is to think about whether the industry can develop long-term stable and relaxed, rather than blindly chasing short-term profits.

so behind the transformation focus on large customers wholesale. I started from 2011 to do the operation and manufacturers to do wholesale butt, so now all of the long-term stability of repeat customers, the goods are basically a phone call factory delivery, this process, nothing to do.

do now is the best wine sales accounted for a relatively large proportion of the more than and 2 sales of Guilin local specialty in Li Riverside province.

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