The overall income of the network community has improved profitability still need to improve

the latest news, Comsenz (Comsenz) and Eric (iResearch) jointly launched the 2008 "fourth session of the development status of China Internet community survey report" in the mid to late 10 officially released.

survey data show that the overall situation of China’s online community revenue has improved, the proportion of income in the community has been reduced from 07 in to less than 33.3%. In the proportion of total revenue has increased, the profitability level still needs to be improved. Less than 1000 yuan of income to reach the community of more than $32.8%, more than 1000 yuan in the proportion of the community is still small.


2007 China network community income (Tencent with science and technology channel)

experts believe that China network community has formed a large and stable user groups, at the same time also has a clear profit model, based on community event marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, marketing a variety of ways such as implantation began to receive more recognition and identification of the main advertising. In this case, the overall revenue of China’s online community has begun to improve, and will usher in a period of rapid development.

in this case, the proportion of the proportion of the proportion of the next year, the proportion of financing plans have increased over the past 07 years, more than 40%.


next year China community intervention program (the Tencent capital owners technology channel with


it is understood that the survey report will also appear in 2008 the popularity of the new community form SNS, open platform, network applications and other important issues.

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