[cases] small coffee show director early not to take this chance at product promotion budget

Yang Xu, a small coffee show director, former editor of cool 6 network television center, 12 years into the mobile Internet, after adding a second channel for science and technology, 15 years since the founding of new product innovation department is responsible for the company’s operations and promotion work.

small coffee show is how the birth of


our company "technology" has been focused in the field of short video, the first product is Vitamio, Vplayer, is in the Android video player, second shot, small coffee show is based on Vitamio to develop the. In 2013, we made a second shot, 4G also began to develop, we found that the field of short video has a very big chance. About 10 billion times the average daily amount of video playback, about 4 billion times the amount of Chinese short video playback, so our team from the beginning of 2015, try some new products, in order to develop a product of the speed of each month.

in the development process, we found that domestic users to create a higher threshold of short video, lower creative will, how to deal with this problem?

last year, we all know that the product, the United States, so that everyone can simply shoot a good video to look at the fire. So we are also thinking about other ways to make this kind of product with good and low threshold.

this year at the beginning of May, we found that micro-blog on a product called dubsmash. After seeing that this product is actually what we have always wanted to do the product, it creates a low threshold, but also can shoot high-quality video. So we make a prompt decision, in May 6th, after a brief discussion of 5 minutes, it was decided to develop this product. After 2 days of the time, complete product development, in the 11 trial, the final number 13 in the APP Store on the line.



we can not be completed in less than two days, because before doing a lot of accumulation. We take the second shot, as well as some of the products before the direct assembly, put this product out.

small coffee show early in the no cost of the case is if the promotion of


1 attach importance to ASO

small coffee show when the first edition has paid much attention to ASO (application market optimization). In the absence of any input, in APP Store, only ASO can make your product have the opportunity to appear in front of the user.


was a small coffee show in the first edition of on-line, keyword coverage has reached nearly 400, 1.1 after the line reached 605.


because the original ASO do good for our later growth foreshadowed.

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