Jingdong master’s total financing over 1 billion 100 million and 23 projects on the preparation of t

Jingdong Finance announced yesterday in Beijing, its Jingdong club was founded more than a year since the 89 companies have been successful in financing innovative entrepreneurship, the total amount raised over 1 billion 100 million yuan.

According to Jingdong

club director Sun Zhaozhao, boss of the Jingdong is the core competitiveness and creating ecological risk control. The Jingdong owner preferred project, mostly from the development trend of the times to the representative of the industry, especially the quality of life, service to create new value for users to upgrade, intelligent technology, community social class, these projects are based on user needs as the core driving force, rather than to obtain short-term capital investment targets. Currently, the Jingdong Club selected project pass rate of less than 2%.

it is understood that the future of the Jingdong owner will also through the introduction of more high-quality overseas equity assets, the establishment of the fund of funds (FOF), the "Crowdsourcing investment research" strategy and other measures to help investors obtain high-quality assets, improve investment judgment, reduce the risk of investment.

data show that the Jingdong was officially launched on March 31, 2015, as of now, to help 89 entrepreneurial innovation business successful financing, the total financing success rate of 92%, the total amount of financing over $1 billion 100 million. Among them, 23 projects are preparing for landing three new board.

in cooperation agency, currently has the mainstream investment institutions and Jingdong owner of Sequoia Capital, matrix partners, it real fund, IDG capital, Gobi venture more than 50 cooperation. In the number of investors, as of now, over 60 thousand of the high net worth users in the Jingdong boss platform to participate in equity investment, the investment rate of over repeat investment of more than 30%, more than 10% of investors in the platform investment projects over 5.


club is Jingdong’s private equity financing platform, in the industry first venture board board + consumption financing mode, and the first venture in which the board with the cast lead investor + "mode," small boss "investment quota and venture capital investment fund, so that individual investors can invest by the specialized institutions judgment.

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