Way home network after 400 million months of financing the cultivation of the market as the focus o


transit home network founder Luo the way home network is called "eat leftovers" in the street: you spent 15 yuan to buy a lunch to eat, not eating just want to run down, a person told you, don’t fall for you! I eat, I’ll give you 5 yuan.


way home network business is easy to understand: to provide hosting "room T-room sister" idle house, then put these idle housing by the upscale hotel standard for passenger accommodation, income and the landlord is divided in half. Of course, these idle houses must meet the standards of the road home, such as lots located in the scenic area or business district, the decoration should also reach a certain condition, etc..

up to now, the way home in the process of cooperation with developers and owners have accumulated more than 400 thousand sets of housing reserves, which is the absolute advantage of the way home. Corresponding to this, the way to provide a new way to travel home The Resort Apartments in the country also need more consumers to experience, and the formation of consumption habits.

Chinese there are a large number of vacant housing resources, so that the way home network is no shortage of housing, but now many people travel China accommodation options for the hotel, hotel, residential vacancy compared with short rent is far from the climate, so the current bottleneck in the development of way home network is: the market consumption habits have not yet formed.

in this case, the way home in September 12th, co-founder and CEO Luo said: "from today, make a reservation in the way home to live online, sent as much". Obviously, the way home in March this year, after 400 million yuan of financing, will use a lot of money for market development, with the experience of the housing model to promote. Now in the way home network booking a single set of listings, after the transaction is successful, you can get the corresponding amount of check-in experience services. For example, users spend 200 yuan booking way home apartment, you can get 200 yuan coupons, next time in transit home network experience real channel can use 200 yuan coupons, only need to pay the corresponding fee you can enjoy this super welfare.

passers home said he walked a different from its overseas counterparts HomeAway and Airbnb road. Because the real estate trust China special situations and problems, the way home from the start is not a simple online platform, but also do online and offline docking: on the one hand, the real estate development enterprises, to provide housekeeping services for the owners, on the other hand, to provide high-quality tourist The Resort Apartments.

way home to vacation rental into China, the current market participants are relatively less, expand the user experience is a pressing matter of the moment, the way home as a forerunner to launch the "real experience", is not only the responsibility, but also our opportunities." Luo Jun said so.

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