Baidu Post Bar advertising the use of Baidu web site to promote their own

Baidu post bar, Baidu know hair connection. This is indeed very easy to get some IP, but the problem is, you often send your site connection, it is easy to be Baidu to K, to paste it as an example. You made more, Baidu will think your hair is the connection of advertising, will give you shielding. There is sometimes a little bit of hair with a little connection Baidu will not let you hair. Say this is advertising. I think a lot of friends have encountered such a problem.

I talk about how to go to Baidu post bar advertising.

Baidu does not let you send advertising connection is normal ah. What do you do on other people’s Web site to send other address ah. You should send the address should be sent. So, ah, you should send Baidu’s address, so afraid he K you stand, shield your domain name, do not let you post. For example, I have a breeding site address is more easily to be blocked. That’s how we do it, go directly to Baidu search the word. After the search page address is,, so that the hair will be issued after the connection with Baidu, so Baidu will not K you. This method is also useful for Baidu included your new sites have a certain role. You want to ah. If there are a few W people in your web site to search for keywords, that Baidu does not pay attention to you, ah, he did not want to let the majority of Internet users disappointed ah. So which stick hot you go to which post hair.

someone might ask. Click on the connection after the Baidu search out. Baidu search results, not directly to your site ah. Also need to click on a point before you can enter your site ah. Yes, that’s true, but the title of your title is attractive, or someone else will. As I stand, search for "culture" is not ranked in the first, but the search "characteristic culture" is the first. What do you see here? We can use "characteristic culture" as the keyword search Baidu connection address, to the correlation between the high Post Bar to Baidu, so people see, the name can also will look into the points. Maybe someone will ask me what is the key word in Baidu ranked first ah, how to do ah. It’s easy. You can write an article. The title of the king does not owe me 5 dollars ah ah, Sun Wukong XX and other topics are very interesting to attract the long tail keywords. Basically Baidu included, you will be ranked first. And then send these, these are more attractive.

and we can go to Baidu know inside hair. Baidu can go to know the home page, Baidu know inside the home page, there is a wonderful question is some of the wonderful questions have been answered. Every day a lot of attention, you can also send. And now SOSO also has a similar Baidu post bar so bar. Every day there are many people concerned.

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