Wuhan webmaster hard Thanksgiving charity activities

      webmaster! Special groups in the Internet industry.

      Internet ten years, has experienced the bubble and the valley, the wind and rain in the baptism of numerous webmaster sad and happy, they are the grassroots heroes in the internet. With the unremitting self-improvement, to forge ahead in the spirit of dedication has created many myths and legends of the Internet industry. They are in the network world knight, traveling in this virtual space, guide to millions of Internet users in the network in Chinese. In the vast sea, there are a number of typical stationmaster, they represent the epitome of every age and economic development of the internet. Whether they can be in the Internet industry in the wave of fame and fortune, but they all have a fanatical passion for the Internet industry and creativity. Chinese characteristics of the Internet era, but also the need to "webmaster" spirit, that is to do deep and meticulous, because they are the most understanding of the needs of Chinese netizens. Adsense is one of the respected group of Internet industry value.

      located in the center of the economic city of Jiangcheng – Wuhan! Nine provinces, renjiedeling. On the harmonious society, the rapid development of economy, as an important area of the Internet industry, active in Wuhan more than 800 owners, or grass, or is the elite, they use the network media platform of their own with the pace of the times record, and gradually affect the city. In the webmaster, part of the webmaster is our value learning, they use personal influence and made great contributions to the resources of the Internet industry in Wuhan, Wuhan for the harmonious atmosphere of dedicated Internet industry. When the Jiangcheng heat comes from central China Internet famous designer Xu Qiang launched, I group chief Li Yinghao sponsored the "Wuhan personal webmaster hard" Thanksgiving charity activities, we do acknowledge the positive contribution of Wuhan outstanding webmaster for the Wuhan Internet business. Let us honor into their world, understand their hearts of cyber love, bit of business intelligence, unique personality charm. Around the Internet after Cang injury good webmaster side, forge ahead in unity, courage, mutual love, work together to contribute to the cause of central internet. At the same time also called on the whole society to pay attention to living in this land of the webmaster, this emerging industry, the need for more role models and support.

      "Wuhan webmaster hard" Thanksgiving charity activities

      activity time: June 16, 2007 2 p.m. to p.m. (week 6)

      Activity Location: Wuhan beach, East Lake, the east of the beach

      activity planning: Xu Qiang       QQ412992913 (indicate to participate in Webmaster hard activity)


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