n 2015 China’s favorite advertising companies how to sell yourself

to go to the two or three line, to be more precise, but they still reluctant to give up the TV

Study on the CTR market

CCTV recently released a "2015 advertisers advertising and marketing survey report", focus on advertising in 2014 ranked in the national forefront of key industries and emerging advertisers, reveals the most love advertising enterprises in the future is how to sell yourself.

advertisers to enhance confidence, the decline of traditional advertising

advertisers on the industry and the economic confidence in 2015 has improved, but in terms of marketing budget, the proportion of the budget increase to the lowest point since 2009.


budget allocation, the proportion of digital marketing and terminal promotion is significantly higher, the cost of hard to reduce the most wide.


according to data provided by eMarketer, in 2014, China Mobile’s advertising market grew by more than 3 times a year ago to reach $8 billion 210 million, the largest increase in the country’s eMarketer tracking. And according to its forecast, in 2016 China Mobile advertising market will exceed the size of the PC Internet advertising market.


main battlefield: two or three cities in East China, central China, Southern China,

advertisers in 2015 to focus on the two or three main cities, but also the first increase in marketing costs of the region, the first consideration is to reduce the region’s first tier cities. Due to the saturation of the first tier cities and fierce competition in the market, the future of the two or three tier cities will become the main battlefield advertisers, while East China is still the primary marketing area.



precision into the mainstream, the media marketing discourse strengthen

The choice of

marketing tools, the target audience’s media contact habits is the focus of the enterprise, followed by coverage and cost. Because of the characteristics of marketing 3 era media integration, digital marketing advantages is that it can more accurately track the brand to target customers, precision marketing is the pursuit of the performance of advertisers willing.


in addition, the media agency or the development of the crisis, the company directly to the media to increase the proportion of advertising 44%. At present, the mainstream websites have launched their own marketing brands, such as Baidu marketing center, WeChat marketing services, Iqiyi leshare marketing and so on, the traditional media agency business is media.

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