Taobao point The Legend of the public comment PK low key product surfaced


text / product transit network CEO columnist Liu Wanlan

do you still remember, in April of this year, vice president of Alibaba, Juhuasuan division and local life division is responsible for Zhang Jianfeng (top row) revealed that the Alibaba will launch a "enough to change the status of the industry, the revolutionary local lifestyle products in June this year". June has arrived, this product is really there, it is "Taobao".


do not do any publicity, because this product is the lotus just buds. The depth of cooperation with Taobao life crashed CEO Wang Jimin in June 22nd the goods transit dinner, Taobao is big enough to make a difference, in the field of food O2O food, Taobao is a hotly contested spot. The original plan to do large-scale promotion, taking into account the implementation of the customer and the technology needs to be improved and many other issues, currently only in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai three cities to do the pilot.

this is a very typical way to run the Internet fast iteration. Launched a revolutionary product, does not necessarily mean that big with vigour and vitality, continues to advance in trial and error to go to that day across the market. Thinking about Taobao entered the restaurant, in the "O2O" to promote the catering giant has a text analysis, not repeat them here.

only focus on the following products to see a few points of view Taobao

1, let the transaction return to service. Food and drink in life, eat must order, thus, Taobao cut from the order of life services. Most of the time, we see the platform to do great things, but what goes up must come down, to enter an area, is the most effective way to find a breakthrough point, starting from the segments.


2, marketing, not discount, but the real dishes themselves, good food is a good place to attract consumers. In order to apply, can be produced on various restaurants and prices at a glance, there may be more attractive than the group. Of course, on this basis to do some promotional activities, the effect is self-evident. Also feel the slightest chill on whether he will win the beauty in the catering group



3, why Taobao will likely be little public comment on the enemy? Because the evaluation of real transaction and hot dishes based on higher credibility. At present, Taobao bit can only see the users point of the dish, also can not see, but as long as there is the basis for this transaction, do the evaluation function is Taobao’s strengths.


4, with Taobao account login and other information to get through Taobao, which cut into the dining from Taobao, the future will lead to a variety of local life

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