Biography Google will set up venture capital sector

street news reported that Google is about to set up a special venture capital sector, looking for potential emerging companies to invest in, change the previous single acquisition strategy. The venture capital fund will be responsible for the development of Google, senior vice president of corporate governance David Drummond, also invited entrepreneurs Bill Maris to help fund operations. In fact, Bill Maris is not a face. He has worked with Google founder Sergey Brin wife Anne Wojcicki co founded a life science enterprise Catalytic Health.

because this is not the first time Google has created the idea of venture capital fund, before they had on the matter repeatedly, and therefore there is not officially announced before, still can not confirm the real implementation of the plan will be Google. Prior to this, such as Intel, a number of large enterprises are IT with strong financial resources to build over the venture capital fund, and Google huge cash flow also ensure that they must have such strength. With the help of venture capital fund, Google will be in the start-up stage of emerging enterprises or equity investment, and in the enterprise development and expansion can be considered complete acquisition, also can continue holding all.


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