The annual inventory of the nternet industry in 2016 ten hot words


| Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou


2016 will be gone, according to the Convention, and to the East in time once a year. In the last year, East launched "I looked 2016" series of articles, some predict from several industry trends, business trends, network video, mobile social networking and other dimensions, now basically most of words. This gave the East building self-confidence and courage.

therefore, combined with the development of the Internet industry in 2016 to launch the annual inventory to continue this year, and in 2017 the situation in the industry to do a bit of anticipation, today, first brought the first stage of the Internet industry inventory "in 2016 ten hot words".

TOP 1: artificial intelligence

there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is the domestic Internet industry this year, and even the whole field of science and technology, the most hot term. The most representative of the event is in March this year, artificial intelligence go robot Alfa challenge the world champion champion Li Shishi, and 4 to 1 of the total score to achieve an overwhelming victory. This makes the country quickly set off a wave of wave of artificial intelligence, the Internet Co have announced the start of R & D investment heavily in the field of artificial intelligence, among which, like Baidu Sogou search engine company is the most active, not only have claimed to have turned the artificial Intelligent Company, also have launched products, Baidu launched the unmanned vehicle, the launch of Sogou intimate interaction engine.


In addition

, such as Tencent, Jingdong, NetEase, Alibaba and other Internet giants are not willing to miss, have launched the layout, to make artificial intelligence to help Tencent news writing, the Jingdong applies artificial intelligence to transport logistics, Ali will artificial intelligence application in the double 11 shopping carnival, the NetEase will make artificial intelligence to enhance customer service for a time, the efficiency of artificial intelligence has formed a tide, as if there is no artificial intelligence technology company has become the laggards.

however, east view, the development of artificial intelligence is still in the initial stage, although the technology in this year has made rapid progress, but artificial intelligence has not really applied to various scenes of reality, especially in the field of artificial intelligence commercial is in a stage of exploration, artificial intelligence can lead once again, the revolution of science and technology, but also in the next few years whether we can reach the outbreak of the "singularity", perhaps when the technology is able to penetrate more natural to our real life, it is the spring of true artificial intelligence.

TOP2: cloud computing

actually, this year, whether it is a Internet Co, or traditional technology giants, the number of cloud computing is not mentioned less than AI, and even from the realistic meaning, the degree of importance of Internet giants of cloud computing business than for the artificial intelligence technology research. This is mainly because the double > in Internet plus and entrepreneurial tide

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