CNNC deal with phishing domain name to combat bad applications

recently, China anti phishing alliance released the November 2009 monthly report. The monthly report, November Chinese anti phishing alliance Secretariat were identified and the DNS stop 1734 phishing sites. Data show that the high incidence of phishing sites gradually coming, Internet users should pay attention to prevention. As of November 30, 2009, Chinese anti phishing alliance Secretariat organization Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) received a total of more than 12 thousand cases of complaints of phishing sites, and one of the 10568 suspected phishing site domain name that stopped parsing, effectively purify the Internet environment in china.

as China’s national domain name registration authority, CNNIC and led the organization set up Chinese anti phishing alliance at the same time, the use of their own advantages, take a series of measures to ensure the union to achieve the desired effect. At present, Chinese anti phishing alliance has developed a set of effective fast processing mechanism, namely the determination in the identification of authoritative third party complaint website for phishing sites, CNNIC will suspend its domain name in two hours, stop the spread of damage. In addition, in the October 2009 meeting of the anti phishing alliance conference, China anti phishing alliance Secretariat has respectively with the working group on international anti phishing sites (APWG), a well-known Internet security company Netcraft and Maxthon browser vendors and other international institutions to cooperate, and use the browser to push other means to control COM exit of Outland the name of the fishing website, all-round and systematic to purify the Internet environment in china.

China from the anti phishing alliance released the previous monthly report can be seen, phishing sites and processing mechanism, efficient accepted gradually expand the scope of the China anti phishing alliance has achieved good effect in the treatment of phishing and other bad application. At present, China’s anti phishing site alliance a substantial increase in the amount of processing, in October, the month of November were treated as the number of phishing sites in more than 1 thousand and 600 cases. In addition, the report has exceeded the single report only source of alliance restrictions, non member complaints from other social groups and individuals increased significantly, in October November, social groups and individual complaints accounted for 30% of the total complaints, enterprise and Internet users has become "bad application report to the CNNIC" surfing habits.


report shows that in 2009 10-11 months, Chinese anti phishing alliance received three complaints of phishing sites respectively, CCTV and, accounting for more than 74% of the total complaints, this is the first time for CCTV to replace the top three ICBC. Based on past experience, with the various types of e-commerce sites to increase promotional efforts, online shopping behavior of Internet users will increase sharply, so this year from December to February next year is the electronic commerce class phishing sites in the period. According to the basic situation of the fishing website development, CNNIC has been well prepared, Internet users and social groups can be passed to the Chinese anti phishing alliance Secretariat complaints and reporting of suspected phishing site domain name, also.

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