The United States is no longer beautiful diversified layout of pressure surge

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transformation zoom trick will also face greater financial pressure. recently announced a $250 million investment in cross-border electricity supplier maternal overweight baby baby market. This is not the first time to expand cross-border business, from September last year, launched speed duty-free shops began, and will expand to include beauty, food, health care products, baby products, etc.. Insiders said,’s maternal market is an important symbol of beauty to makeup, but the force of cross-border business, especially food, baby products and other lower margin business, also will increase operating costs, it is a listed company is still facing funding pressures.

force of cross-border tear beauty label

started in the beauty market, the full range of children’s idol CEO frequent appearance "endorsement", has always been no lack of media attention. founder and CEO Chen Ou said publicly, in 2015 the biggest goal is to expand to other categories of goods cross-border business. With ho throw $250 million investment in electricity supplier maternal baby tree, expand the scope of large commodity categories gradually approaching target. Chen believes that the advantages of combining the experience of baby tree huge user base and in the cross-border electricity supply chain and logistics, this cooperation will greatly enhance the ability of to create greater value in the field of child.

beauty business started why frequently overweight food, health care products and baby market, tear up the beauty electricity supplier


said the responsible person, the Beijing Daily reporter interviewed before, is still the focus and foundation of beauty business, will focus on strategic development and expand the beauty market in cross-border business does not conflict. The development speed of duty-free poly beauty is the beginning of the Korean beauty market as the first layout direction, and then extended to Europe and the United States overseas high-quality cosmetics, beauty brands of is recognized and support. From beauty to mother, light luxury, to food and other categories of expansion are the core users around (18-30 year old female users) the purchase demand, is committed to providing them with more and better and more valuable choice.

main business bottleneck forced transformation?

Although the beauty of

to say is still not to say yes or no, but in the industry view, beauty electricity supplier industry homogenization of serious competition, whether it is the sale of the business model or brand richness, competitive advantage is no longer obvious.

China Internet association credit rating center legal adviser Zhao Zhanling said that the United States and the electricity supplier industry is currently facing serious homogenization of goods, lack of innovation and other issues. Internet analyst Yu Bin said, beauty business has developed into a bottleneck, users focus on female beauty category, but with, ocean terminal, temple library platform gradually the users, the platform effect >

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