Han clothes homes CEO Zhao Yingguang from purchasing to own brand across

recently, the second sent on behalf of the annual meeting held in Beijing, the national 800 well-known electricity supplier and CEO professionals will focus on the theme of the annual meeting of "Shen" interpretation of the status of the industry, industry insight into the opportunities, break through the bottleneck of the development of enterprises, the driving force for the electricity supplier industry benign.

, starry CEO Zhao Yingguang shared how from the smallest start empty-handed go today, is divided into three stages: stage, stage, stage of rapid trial and error mode is determined.

first introduce Han clothing, the current number of employees is about 360 people, in 07 years is probably a dozen people at the end of 08, 50 people, about 09 people by the end of more than and 200, now 360 people, plans by the end of this year to about 600 people scale. The company is divided into 15 departments, is now relatively perfect, some of the departments have. Sales situation, this year can reach one hundred million, the problem is not too big.

three stages of growth:

is the first stage of a stage of exploration, as done earlier, I was Korean, 97 years to go to Korea, early access to online shopping, shopping in Korea, the feeling of e-commerce is really promising, once home to 2002, we are talking about the easy interest. In line to buy a shop, 03 years after Taobao started in the Taobao store, a company registered in 2006. The first stage, is completely in the part-time job to do, sell some small things, turnover is very small.

the second stage is the rapid stage of trial and error, the time in 2006, in the part of the case, along with the electronic commerce has the temperature to a certain extent, it is necessary to take when a thing to do, in the part of the case, 2006 registered a company, first began to hire employees, in this process, I feel the audience with a lot of the audience, no money, no one should, in this case, from the agency or now that the distribution in the process of doing, obviously felt the price war played too much, simply can not stand. When the agent, is a friend to do a radiation proof maternity, 58% off basic goods, online price 55% off, basically can’t earn money, began selling baby bottles, pacifiers, finally a room full of goods, can not earn much money down for a month. Behind and friends talk, this mode very hanging, no need to go full-time to do this thing.

from purchasing to its own brand, the audience is not related to the matter, why come out specifically speaking, I think this is a blood cargo. This five year period, there is a very important point, is to start as soon as possible, that online sell things started selling things online without the need to find a long-term pattern, this is of little significance, after countless people proved that the company grows to later real profit model, more often than not at the beginning of the basic mode, start mode is wrong, but at the beginning, there is a very important point to make money, not hard, even profit, as long as they can earn money, why is there profit >

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