Taobao sellers illegal mutual brush credibility was false transaction refund scam


every holiday, many users will take advantage of the sale of a high degree of credibility of the seller to buy online shopping. Reporters learned that many Taobao sellers in order to enhance the credibility of mutual false trading brush reputation, thus to some of the so-called "seller" provides an opportunity, after receiving payment, they take "false trading" as an excuse to apply for a refund, profiteering.

Mr. Zhu Guangzhou people recently told reporters rebellion, said a "flat" "real name authentication through Taobao stores, the" operator "active in many mutual brush reputable seller QQ group, for each brush reputation in use and many sellers at the same time, the shop owner after receiving payment, i.e. in order to" false trading "as an excuse to apply for a refund, in order to get gray income up to 150 thousand yuan.

sellers shop mutual brush reputation into the industry unspoken rules

3 months ago, Mr. Zhu operated a named "Xiapu" female shoe in the Taobao online, to enhance the credibility, he added a dozen "brush" sellers Taobao QQ group, and other sellers to exchange experience.

in the chat, Mr. Zhu learned that the original owner will be different between each brush reputation, namely virtual shop to buy the other goods, only pay, evaluation, not the actual delivery, in order to improve store sales rate and credit value.

Mr. Zhu said he knew it was not in line with the rules of Taobao, but the credibility of the brush has become an open shop unspoken rules, to get everyone’s acquiescence, this and you shop, often called friends to consume the same".

according to the introduction of Mr. Zhu, the reporter in the QQ group to search a lot of Taobao’s reputation for mutual brush group. It is understood that this provides a platform for the seller to brush credibility everywhere, in addition to QQ group, there are many professional brush credibility of the site.

Zhu said, although the network is occupation brush off, but they like such a small business, are generally more willing to believe the company, "we are all open, you to my shop, I order payment, delivery, orders, payment directly to your store. Give each other." This transaction model for the shop industry is familiar, but want to improve the credibility of the shop and do not want to spend the cost of professional brush off, the owner can only rely on mutual trust to deal.

scam using Taobao rules crime

November 24th, a QQ named Ren life, the seller took the initiative to find Mr. Zhu, said he and his credibility can be exchanged, the transaction amount of 190 yuan to between $400.

after discussion, Mr. Zhu on the same day to the other named "Ping Changxin" dress shop, "buy" the price of 269.64 yuan coat, at the same time, the other party also Mr. Zhu store "buy" for a price of 270 yuan for boots. The default system automatically after 10 days of play money to each other in alipay.

however, in December 4th, the "flat".

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