Talking about the forum of colleges and Universities the road of commercialization

This article is a Chinese farmer –     experience forum construction in Colleges and universities. Next is ccfox – I talking about the forum construction experience, also suitable for all kinds of BBS

Prepare and process

so, you will feel more funny, such a online forum can only 800 monthly income of 1500? Yes, monthly income is about 1500.

I is 04 years into the school, the school mix for a year, also feel out of some schools in the doorway. So from the very beginning, I decided not to go back to the station. I stressed that the business is because I feel that no matter what the station, what, we must use the mentality of the business to treat, try every means to tap the potential of his income.


1, first with the school official website consultation request was refused to do friendship connection. The success rate is very low, but it is worth a try, say a few words, others will not cut your tongue

2, catch a few days before the new report, the propaganda board applied to the school for the placing of a 3m*2m flow of people in many places. (adopted)The design of

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