Jingdong said that the CCTV did not withdraw the successful bid

newspaper news (reporter Li Bin) yesterday, the Jingdong for the mall to reduce marketing expenses to withdraw part of the CCTV advertising bid rumors, responded that the advertising strategy Toupai advertising project, did not have any change.

yesterday network rumors, half a year ago Jingdong mall in the CCTV advertising tender meeting ho throw 200 million, into the Internet industry "standard" and "dark horse in the CCTV advertising tender". At that time ad bidding Jingdong mall holds 360 plate, lavish, continuous with the Olympic project "and" battlefield "London event navigation" exclusive naming rights. After CCTV advertising center confirmed that the number 360 is Jingdong mall. However, there is news that the Jingdong a few months ago has given up part of the auction bid yesterday, Tsingtao Brewery took over, the reason is the Jingdong mall currently losses sustained, revocation of advertising is to reduce marketing expenses.

this, Jingdong mall official responded that, whether the Jingdong in the tender invitation to vote on the Olympic Games resources, cast what Olympic resources, is a trade secret, after the Olympic Games will be able to understand". Jingdong official also said, "the advertisement strategy of Jingdong Toupai advertising projects, there is never any change". However, Jingdong aspects of clarification, the total amount of more than 200 million yuan is a misreading of the media before, but the Jingdong to trade secrets refused to disclose the specific amount of money.

however, a advertising agency that does not perform successful CCTV advertising tender after the situation is very common, some companies will be re assessed in the bidding project is completed, or entrust the advertising agency for two sales. Analysts believe that Sun Jie, Jingdong mall if this move may be in order to reduce the cost of marketing, through the shortage of funds. Even if the revocation of advertising, but the media attention and exposure, but also to achieve the purpose of publicity.

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