Some potential problems in enterprise website

today because the job needs, browse a lot of enterprise website, found many websites, here I talk about it.

first, no strategy vacant site

in the case of policy making enterprise website in many enterprises website, did not begin before the production, there is no plan of a good location, solid enterprise website finished, navigation column too complex, such as a game, a film, which added to their site, do all kinds of a word. That’s good, that is "irrelevant", not unlike industry website, portal website, enterprise website construction is a great project, need to combine their enterprise information website analysis, only to create a perfect network marketing strategy, the enterprise website can obtain everybody approval.

second, blind focus on Web site designers, do not focus on the actual use of the site

is the owner of the company to do business website, what is usually the first to look at the Internet competitors website, now on the market a lot of enterprise web sites do very beautiful, very beautiful, and the enterprise boss also is only concerned with whether the site is beautiful, then the production site after the completion of the home page, is a big flash, in the pages are all tools for cutting the beautiful pictures, almost when you can use words to express the place, all use of the pictures. Some site construction company know the general business owners value only website appearance, more cater to him, follow his heart to profit, as in the site on the surface, thus increasing the cost of the construction site. The most important site on the enterprise website, the actual use of the site function, website optimization, the importance of network marketing, and did not take into account, which is extremely undesirable.

third, update the enterprise website content only three minutes heat

your company website has just completed, enterprises began to update website content is very positive, after a period of observation, he felt the end production of their company’s website and did not reach the expected to achieve the effect of publicity, executives began helpless down, want to continue update the content, or the same as before, suddenly update hundreds of articles, and stopped for a long time did not update, this is not regularly updated website content, search engine spiders have starved to death, it is difficult to let it come again.

fourth, part of the site construction company is not responsible for site optimization to make customers lose their own optimization


website is done, but after three or four months, the ranking site keywords it has not seen the effect, the boss began to worry about, call them a lot of money to do website ranking optimization is afraid of some small companies, they began to optimize a so-called "on the website". Then try to set up a website title, in the background, the website keyword description, these three are added a large number of enterprise website keyword, website in the top and bottom of Copyright Office also put a lot of keywords to the home page, do.

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