Open platform Taobao also have to take care of small sellers

how to create a sustainable profit point rather than just a BTOC platform, Taobao’s growth problem.

January 15th, Taobao box app store release, and announced the ISV (independent software developers) and the proportion of Taobao. This is a milestone in the clarity of the profit model Taobao big strategy.

subsequently, Alibaba group announced the establishment of a large Taobao Strategic Executive Committee, through a series of personnel appointments, from the organization to ensure the implementation of the strategy of Taobao. From the organizational change, Ma proposed two years ago, Taobao strategic path has become increasingly clear. This big strategy is not only to create business opportunities for partners, but also to create a new profit point Taobao itself.

big choice

The idea of

Taobao began in 2007, Alibaba group strategy. In the memory of Alibaba’s chief of staff, Ceng Ming, it was the most difficult one. Alibaba executives argued for 5 days, the focus of the debate is that Taobao is not to do an open platform, how to open, how to solve the problem encountered in the process, etc..

MA in accordance with the idea, Taobao is more inclined to do the entire e-commerce business water, electricity, coal infrastructure providers. In June 2008, President Lu Zhaoxi sending to Alibaba group staff e-mail described Taobao: Taobao ID, can be in different shopping site shopping; no matter in which web site shopping, shopping process and specification are the familiar Taobao model; all retail network consumers and businesses are run in the data Taobao server, Taobao will become the cornerstone of social consumption.

as Cengming said, in the strategy of Taobao, Taobao and partners how to create win-win benefit distribution platform data, how to do? How users are sharing, technology, industry has never encountered problems. And Ma Yun’s style is to do first, in the process of doing.

Taobao is the first open API interface, that is to say, any one of the ISV can be accessed through the API interface Taobao data, Taobao sellers and buyers demand for the development of some application software.

open API is actually driven by demand, Taobao after years of development, the accumulation of a large number of users, whether it is the seller or buyer. The diversification of its demand, the difference is increasingly apparent, Taobao standardized services have been unable to meet these massive demand.

has played such an example, initially established a market, for the seller to provide standard booth. Later, the market grew bigger, some sellers do not meet the standard booth, they not only need to open flagship stores, boutiques, also need to establish their own management system, buyers demand for services has also diversified. And to single handedly, could not meet these numerous needs, simply to provide basic services, to solve the "three links one ping", "

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