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animation training and education services for staging, "fish · Begonia", "king return" boutique animation design transportation more and more professional talents. The afternoon of July 10th, focused on the game development, animation design training Huizhong education 12 anniversary celebration and the "Baidu money Huizhong grant program launching ceremony held in Chengdu, Baidu financial services group Tang Haiyang, general manager of credit education Huizhong education group president Sun Wu steel attended the ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. The event, "Baidu money Huizhong grant program was officially launched, for Huizhong students, in addition to the enjoyment of professional and advanced skills training, but also enjoy customized services such as installment loans.


financial services group education credit general manager Tang Haiyang delivered a keynote speech at the event, he said, "Baidu money" has roots in the occupation education stage, has reached a cooperation with many domestic first-line education institutions, the work of Huizhong Education launched the "Baidu money Huizhong grant program", let more young people through education to change the fate of transport technology elite for the society more."

student program to benefit students phased product tailored

in recent years, animation and game industry booming, the market potential is enormous, and the design and development of personnel are very scarce, hundreds of million of high tuition fees and other issues also let many aspiring young people from this.


, "Baidu money" United Huizhong education jointly launched the "Baidu Huizhong money grant program, is committed to let more students realize their participation in game development, animation design occupation dream through education and credit services, for the development of domestic animation and game industry to cultivate more talents. According to reports, "Baidu money" will be four stages of product customization Huizhong students, students can enjoy the first school, after the repayment of the service. One of the stages of the product, so that students can not be paid during school, largely to ease the pressure on tuition.

in addition to providing quality staging services, "Baidu money Huizhong grant program also provides Baidu regularly visits and internship opportunities for outstanding students, lay a good foundation for the students after work practice. In addition, Baidu will also give money to spend "Huizhong education for students and teachers to send coupons and other material rewards such as Baidu Nuomi.

Baidu money flower innovation education credit services to lead the education sector credit market

Baidu money flower is Baidu’s personal financial consumer rights platform, has been committed to the practice of inclusive financial philosophy. For this partnership, the person in charge of Huizhong Education said, "Baidu money ‘a’ school, after the first repayment" installment credit service mode, can really solve the students’ to help them to realize their dreams as pressing danger. "."

recently, according to the Massachusetts Institute of technology review, "the world’s 50 brightest companies in 2016," Baidu Inc

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