Case analysis of steel wire net mail marketing

Hello everyone, I’m Liang Lei, a SEO man. Do not specialize in marketing, a friend asked how to do email marketing in the QQ group today, to be honest I have tried this email marketing marketing methods, but because there is no good planning, also did not stick to it, finally did not feel what effect will give up. The personal feeling of domestic mail marketing effect is not very good, because the domestic Internet users is difficult to accept this kind of marketing, unlike abroad it is more suitable to do email marketing, email because they used very frequently, can be said to be a mainstream marketing mode. Take one of their own enterprise stand, for example, the sale of steel mesh products, how to do the mail marketing?

Now a lot of

mass mailing software, and SMS software, the author often can receive the SMS advertising, very sick, you go to the natural bulk mail to others and this effect is different, customers generally see this not to click on spam, email marketing should not blindly send spam. This is certainly not what effect, only a waste of time and energy, since it is for the customer or those potential customers, so don’t look for a needle in the ocean, should be targeted. Back to this case, how to plan the steel web mail marketing, the following are some of the views of the author.

first: marketing object analysis

analysis of your target customer is the first step of marketing, network for steel products, we have to analyze those who want to buy steel net products to customers without internet habits, there is no use of e-mail habits. Critical habits and consumer psychology of customers, if many customers still accustomed to the traditional marketing model, a time unable to accept such mail marketing, then we can consider giving up for e-mail marketing, because the customer’s habits and consumer psychology is not a day for two days will be changed. But now the domestic Internet development is very rapid, most customers also love the Internet looking for product information, and then analyze the most popular instant messaging software: Tencent QQ, I think everyone in the QQ message is used, as long as you have a QQ mailbox QQ. QQ mailbox to receive mail will have the lower right corner of the small window that, when the customer receives his interest in the mail will check.

second: email content planning

if I want to buy a net steel products to customers, so I definitely want to receive on the steel net product can be about plate mail, network news, and can also be directly sold to manufacturers of my steel net. Here’s the content of the message is like soft Wen, also considered a kind of soft Wen marketing, soft Wen to write like soft Wen, rather than pure broken implant advertising. Those ads will make customers tired of email marketing should have a process to share to customers about steel net product knowledge introduction or news, and then gradually into some advertising information, such as e-mail content repeatedly stated net steel products of their own, to guide customers to visit your company website. Step by step mail marketing

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