Adsense online website promotion five steps to improve website traffic

webmaster online not only, and we come together to analyze how to improve the site traffic. Now there are many webmaster every day to ask in the forum or QQ group inside, how to improve site traffic? How to quickly improve website website? Do not flow? This problem, in fact, we are a little analysis, a very simple problem: website promotion methods. Today, I am divided into five steps and everyone to analyze the website promotion method, this is for the search engine optimization and improve website traffic are useful. In fact, the two complement each other, the site has a good search engine optimization, do not worry about no traffic. But some people have to ask: why do I stand ranking has been very good, there is no traffic? This question is to ask yourself, read an article today I think you will understand the truth. Ranking is not equal to the optimization of good, but not equal to the flow of good; only the optimization of the good, only willing to have a good flow.

website promotion first step: keyword selection and layout

this is the webmaster at the beginning of the site, must understand and do one of the things. In the website positioning, to keyword analysis and selection, in the analysis and selection of recommended by Baidu index and Google keyword analysis tool, it will when doing keyword analysis and selection of some more rational, not the key word choice itself is not much in the search search volume keywords engine, so even if you do go up, the ranking is very good, is not necessarily give you the website bring much traffic. He wasted a lot of energy, but it was nothing. How to do the specific analysis of the keywords I posted online search engine optimization (SEO) in the basic tutorials which have written the article, interested friends can go to my website to see. I believe you will have a great harvest.

keyword reasonable layout, also can make search engine optimization get good results. In the process of website optimization, keyword stack phenomenon should not avoid, in order to improve the keyword density and add keywords everywhere. Be sure to pay attention to the proper layout of the key words in a reasonable place. Key words: we believe that the density of the most appropriate between 2%-8%, beyond this range or not reach this density, are the key words do not optimize the performance.

website promotion second steps: original content and reasonable pseudo original

when the overall structure of the site is completed, the next thing to do is to enrich their website. How to enrich our website? Some beginners often use collection tools collected a lot of articles and pictures, as the website data, but also the next day in front of search engines included their search engine, once found not well included, will be in the group or forum asked: why website search I don’t give the engine included? Oh, I think it is a very funny thing. Because this is one of the most taboo thing to do.


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