Soft Wen’s home on the effect of soft marketing evaluation

according to the home in the 2009 year of combat service in soft understanding, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have realized the importance of the network marketing in the Internet era, network marketing as an important tool of marketing, they are in the product / service promotion, more or less used, many enterprises also really create a success the brand through their own marketing. However, even small and medium-sized entrepreneurs have recognized the importance of network marketing for low cost, obvious effect of marketing is also favored, but when they are in the choice of marketing services, will still hesitate, is in the choice of traditional marketing channels, "Shi Chenda sea" concerns, this is because of what reason?

depth communication learned that entrepreneurs have been difficult to eliminate the soft Wen marketing concerns, mainly because of the lack of a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the effect of soft marketing assessment. In traditional advertising has suffered little big blow, entrepreneurs to network media the "virtual media", "new media" cognitive enough, utterly ignorant of the evaluation of soft marketing, do not evaluate the performance of input and output, naturally difficult to hammer. As a pioneer of Chinese marketing, marketing China first generation Zhanpai team, the home with many years of marketing experience, the following discussion, you want to help entrepreneurs and soft lovers.

soft Wen’s family believes that any form of advertising should and must have a scientific assessment, which is not only for advertisers negative, but also for the media, the advertising service provider’s positive. As a new media advertising model, network marketing has not been defined by any authoritative organization in the future. Soft marketing as the most common network marketing model, there are also the same problem. But in fact, based on the Internet technology soft Wen marketing, in effect evaluation and traditional marketing, has a unique advantage, such as the accuracy and convenience of data statistics, the effect of visualization, etc..

soft Wen advocates, soft Wen marketing evaluation can be carried out from the following aspects:

1) lock soft marketing target

marketing is a target, plan and step of marketing activities, enterprises must first determine a goal before marketing, namely through the soft marketing to achieve what purpose is to directly improve site traffic, improve the visibility of the brand, or directly promote products online sales are. There must be a clear goal. Only in this way, in the next soft marketing activities, in order to evaluate the effect of soft Wen marketing, and according to the effect of the soft marketing strategy to adjust in time, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency.

, for example, enterprises to carry out marketing goal is to attract users to enter the site to subscribe to e-mail, and then the subsequent number of IP sales, so the user to access the site through the soft, which left email address, the number of users to subscribe to the electronic magazine, is the site.

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