Bostons Hayden Planetarium to Reopen

first_imgGood news, Boston: your city’s Museum of geek-cetera today announced that it will reopen the Charles Hayden Planetarium (not to be confused with the cheerleader on Heroes) on Sunday, February 13, 2011. It will then offer the most technologically advanced digital theater in New England. Powered by full-dome video and audio systems, as well as a new Zeiss Starmaster projector, the reopening will culminate a $9 million renovation project.As part of the grand re-opening, the museum will premier Undiscovered Worlds: The Search Beyond Our Sun, an original astronomy show that explores the study of exoplanets, meaning planets outside our solar system. The film looks into whether planets like Earth are common or rare.last_img read more

Clever Minority Reportlike touchscreen used to sell phones

first_imgSome people love shopping online because it means they don’t have to deal with pushy sales people in a brick and mortar store. Other people enjoy the human interaction and help they get from a salesperson in real life. But asking a question online can be tough, and can involve a difficult chat session or long call on hold. So one company in Sweden has come up with a better way of doing sales over the web.Hi3G Access, also known as 3, teamed up with Stockholm-based production company B-Reel to create a new way of selling its products, à la Minority Report, called 3LiveShop. A custom-built multitouch screen allows the sales representative to be seen by the customer while at the same time is able to pull up information using his or her hands. The layout of the screen is similar to Skype where you can see a smaller image of yourself in the upper right-hand corner.AdChoices广告Customers will see phones appear on their screen that the sales rep thinks they’ll like. The salesperson can produce on-screen specifics throughout their conversation for each phone model shown. If the customer is satisfied with one of the options, the phone is dropped into a cart for checkout and the customer then proceeds to a secure e-commerce system.Entirely built in Adobe Flash, the multi-touch screen includes mirrors, a touchscreen, and high-end cameras to get the in-person effect. The salesperson can use all five fingers on the screen, rather than just a few “pinch” like actions. It works really well from what we can see, and the customer gets an experience close to chatting with someone in the same room, with information available and presented in a much more flowing format.There are only three workstations that use the system at the moment, but B-Reel say in the video above that if it’s successful, the company hopes to expand it to other companies. We can totally see Apple using something like this in the future.More at B-Reel, via Engadgetlast_img read more

Google Games Epic win or Facebook redux

first_imgGames have been a series topic when Google+ is being discussed. The big questions surrounding the continued viability of the social network and tools that will be needed in order to bring more users away from Facebook have yet to be answered and gaming could be key. This conversation usually takes shape when the two services are being compared, and as a result, it is often considered a really good thing that Google+ is not flooded with game notifications or invites, much like many Facebook walls are. While Facebook does now offer some tools to decrease that noise, the process is extensive and tedious.Google+ has a real opportunity to make Games available to those that want them, and keep them from those that do not. Yesterday was announced that Google Games was being rolled out to a small group of users at first. Here’s what we know…The Games StreamIn Google’s blog post about the arrival of Games, a great deal was done to assure us that the Google+ steams that we have spent so much time and effort cultivating and caring for won’t cross with Google Game. After all, we all know what happens when you cross the streams. So, how did Google accomplish this, and how do they intend to keep their word? Well, for starters, Games is only accessible via a brand new button next to your circles button on the homescreen. This will take you to Google Games and the Games stream.From here, you are presented with some Featured Titles as well as a list of recently played Games. Navigation for the games feels very much like the Chrome Web Store in many aspects. When you choose a game for the first time to play, you are asked, much like you are in the Android Market, for permission to access features of your Google+ account. These features will be different based on the game, but of you decline the game window will close. If you accept, you’ll be whisked away to the game, ready to play.Where are my Games?Google is rolling out Games in droves to users over the next couple of days. You will know you have access to the new games when the D-Pad icon shows up on your Google+ homescreen.You could always try to go to the page directly via, but you’ll be disappointed at the result.Like the rest of the Google+ project, Google is closely monitoring each new group the features are being added to, and keeping a close eye on the feedback that is submitted for each, adjusting the service as they go. For the website with the fastest growth that has ever been seen on the web before, it’s speculated that Games will be rolled out to all by the beginning of next week.Developers, Developers, DevelopersMuch like the fight in the mobile space, Google knows that the key to success here is to get developers working on Google+ games as soon as possible. Much like the Chrome Web Store, Google has targeted Developers wallets by offering them a 5% draw on in-app purchases, which is a huge jump over the 30% Facebook is currently charging. Additionally, Google has started with a healthy selection of titles out of the gate, including the ever popular Angry Birds, a huge title that does not yet exist on Facebook. Google has targeted Developers by offering a better price and a competitive market, not to mention the unprecedented level of engagement that has been reported on by dozens of tech blogs.Final ThoughtsGoogle did exactly what they said they were going to do. They delivered Google Games without interfering with Google+, and did it in a way that will both bring new users and developers to the platform, but also keep the existing users happy and loving the service. Now, let’s see what they do with businesses.last_img read more

Untethered jailbreak demonstrated for iOS 5 iOS 51

first_imgAre you itching for that untethered iOS 5 jailbreak that’s just around the corner? Do you like being teased? If so, you’ll want to check out the video that iOS hacker extraordinaire pod2g has posted. As advertised, it’s a jailbreak and it doesn’t require PC connection after a reboot.The phone in the video is an iPhone 4, not the iPhone 4S. pod2g has also been working on an iOS 5 jailbreak for the A5-running iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, but they’re farther from release. This jailbreak will be for all iOS 5 devices other than those two. That means the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th generation, and original iPad will be getting in on the untethered action.Most developers hate being pestered for release dates, but pod2g has been generous with progress updates. Last week it sounded like the jailbreak was going through its final days of testing, but he’s had more kinks to work out. He now says that it’s nearly ready for prime time, but also asks for patience, saying that there are “some more days to wait.”An untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 would be a welcomed holiday gift for iOS users. The firmware has been around for a couple of months now. Though it has been jailbreakable from the beginning, it’s a tethered jailbreak, requiring you to connect your device to a PC every time you reboot your device. The untethered jailbreak will remove those chains.As nice as the untethered jailbreak will be, the real prize will be a jailbreak for A5 devices. The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S have thus far proven to be nearly impossible to hack, but pod2g has been making progress on that front too. Last weekend he mentioned that the biggest obstacles were processor cache issues, but he quickly remedied that. The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak won’t be release as quickly as the jailbreak in the video, but there’s a good chance pod2g will be releasing it before too long.via pod2glast_img read more

Will future MacBooks recover lost passwords from chargers

first_imgIf you forget a password, you’re most likely going to visit a website, enter your mother’s maiden name or high school mascot, and go on your merry way. Device passwords, though, are a different story. If you frequently take your laptop out and about, there’s some chance you’ll eventually leave it somewhere. Apple has filed a patent for a method of recovering using — of all things — a power adapter.How does it work? A MacBook (or iOS device?) would hold a heavily encrypted password that can only be deciphered via an encryption key. That encryption key would be stored in the memory of your MacBook’s charger. If you ever forgot the password, you could simply connect the device to its power source, possibly visit a website for confirmation, and retrieve your lost password (or create a new one).As bizarre as it sounds, it could have its uses. If you travel without your charger, a thief may have a harder time getting into your device. The patent also suggests that other devices — like smartphones, routers, or printers — could be used in place of the charger.There are obvious obstacles though. As most laptops only last a few hours on a single charge, many people carry their chargers with them. If an entire laptop case — power adapter included — is lost, then the person who snags it could actually have an easier time getting in.Apple isn’t a company that generally ignores major details, so we’re guessing that it has taken this into account. This patent could be eying a future when laptops can go for days or weeks on a single charge. It could also be referring to iPhones or iPads, which already last much longer than a typical laptop. There could also be other security measures in place (the aforementioned website visit) that would add a second layer to the password retrieval process.In the meantime, your best option for remembering important passwords is to keep a safe backup, either in a physical location or in secure cloud storage.via New Scientist, Forbeslast_img read more

Microsoft bets big on social with Bing redesign

first_imgMicrosoft’s Bing search engine has been playing a clear second fiddle to Google since it launched in 2009. Over the last few years, Bing has been trying to emphasize its social integration as a differentiating factor, but it hasn’t exactly caused Google to stumble. Now Redmond is going all in with social in the newly redesigned Bing.The new Bing does still have the very Googley list of search results down the left side of the page, but now there are two new page elements: Snapshots and the Sidebar. The Snapshots section will contain all the results from Microsoft’s online services. Unlike Google, Microsoft won’t be including links to its own maps or reviews in the main results. You could say this is a way to remain impartial, or that it just makes Microsoft’s services more prominent.The Sidebar is where the real magic is happening, though. Anyone that makes frequent use of Facebook, and likes to chat up friends for recommendations will like what Microsoft is doing here. The sidebar is where all the social data related to your search will go. Since Microsoft has deals with Facebook, it will pipe in content from your friends right there.Say that you’re interested in traveling to Germany; Bing might present content from your Facebook friends that have been to Germany. You might see pictures or status updates. You will be able to message those friends and post to your wall from the Bing page to get suggestions as well.Google has come under fire for integrating its Google+ social signals so tightly into search, but Microsoft seems to be going about things in a different way. Google was unable to keep its deal with Twitter alive to get outside social data, but Redmond is getting even closer to Facebook. I don’t know that this is going to fundamentally change the balance of power in search, but it sure is interesting.via Binglast_img read more

3D gestureaware interface only requires one camera

first_imgA research group at Tsukuba University has developed a system that allows users to move 3D building blocks in a virtual environment simply by using their hand tracked by a single camera.The clever virtual reality system doesn’t require the user to wear any special markers or sensors. Instead, the computer has been given both 3D hand shapes and 2D hand image data in order to help figure out what the user is doing. From that data it can recognize a person’s hand and their movements by processing the camera data.Only one camera is necessary for the tracking to work, but adding a second camera means the system can pick up on more subtle movements of the hand and individual fingers. Placement is key though, with the other camera needing to be positioned perpendicular to the first.The building blocks application is just a demonstration of what such a system can do. It could instead be used to remotely control a robot, which allows for such things as safe, remote bomb disposal or other dangerous work that is best done by robots, but requires the precise actions of a user.The main focus for the research group now is 3D interfaces for PC. A 3D desktop interface is the goal, but a gesture-controlled ebook application will come before any sort of Minority Report interface. And with the system relying on software and just one camera, it has the potential to be a very cheap 3D gesture interface. Importantly, it should be much cheaper to purchase than Microsoft’s Kinect platform.via DigInfo.tvlast_img read more

Lenovo Windows 8 tablet gets priced at 799

first_imgThe Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is due to arrive on October 26 when Windows 8 launches, and according to a company spokesperson it’s going to be priced at $799. That will also get you Lenovo’s keyboard dock accessory, which would make this particular hybrid bundle the cheapest so far — the Acer Iconia Tab W510 rings up at around $870 with its keyboard and Asus’ Vivo Tab costs just shy of $1000.Lenovo isn’t just tossing in a keyboard, either. The ThinkPad Tablet 2 also features a stylus for accurate handwritten input and a built-in LTE modem — which will reportedly ride on AT&T’s network in the U.S. It’s powered by Intel’s Clover Trail Atom processor at a reported 1.8GHz and sports a 10.1-inch 1366 x 768 IPS display. It’s NFC-equipped, too, which will presumably make for some slick Windows Phone 8 interaction.Some sources are also reporting that Lenovo is including the full Office 2013 suite. By “full” it’s safe to assume that the company is pre-loading the 60-day trial version of office that most OEMs install on their retail-boxed systems. $799 for a tablet, keyboard dock, and even the $140 Office Home and Student would make the ThinkPad Tablet 2 one heck of a bargain.Even though the ThinkPad Tablet 2 is the cheapest Windows 8 tablet so far, Lenovo seems to be aware that the $800 mark is a better fit for corporate types on the go than it is for consumers. The slate will ship with Windows 8 Pro installed, so it’ll be able to join domains and run legacy Windows apps.More at WPCentrallast_img read more

Sony is considering a PS3PS Vita bundle

first_imgIt looks like there could be a new PlayStation bundle on the way, which would include both the PS3 and the Vita. That’s the suggestion of Fergal Gara, the PlayStation UK managing director.When he was questioned in a recent interview with CVG on whether the PS3 and Vita will ever be bundled together, Gara said it wouldn’t be out of the question and that such a bundle could even happen this Christmas. He even went so far as to suggest the bundle could include games that feature cross-play as well as a PS Plus subscription, which of course would work on both your PS3 and Vita. Gara also said Sony wants to promote the partnership between PS3 and the Vita, but was unsure if creating a bundle would be the best way to do that.Personally, I believe it’s the perfect way to do that. Sony is aiming to make people realize the Vita is the perfect partner for your PS3 with cross-play, cross-buy, and now a shared PlayStation Plus subscription. However, a Vita/PS3 bundle would be expensive and would cost consumers at least $500. That’s a lot to spend on someone, even at Christmas, hence the reason why Gara is a bit unsure such a bundle would be the best idea.Sony will be up against a tough opponent in the form of the Wii U this Christmas, and it might be the last oppertunity the Vita gets to do well at its current price point. Sony is currently pushing the cross-play function more than ever to show the Vita can do just as much as the Wii U’s new gamepad. Will it win over consumers? We’ll find out as 2013 rolls around.via CVGlast_img read more

Watch Lockheed Martins ADAM laser destroy a missile midflight

first_imgAs well as providing the equipment necessary to fire missiles, defense contractors also want to offer customers the ability to defend against them. Lockheed Martin is doing just that with its Area Defense Anti-Munitions (ADAM) system, and has released a new video demonstrating it disabling a missile mid-flight.ADAM is a high energy laser system mounted on a trailer allowing it to be transported around quickly to help defend high-value targets. It is still in prototype form, but basically uses a 10-kilowatt fiber laser which can be focused on to a moving target up to 2 kilometers away. That directed energy can disable or destroy the threat before it gets anywhere near its intended destination, and it does so without costing a lot of money to use repeatedly.You can watch ADAM taking out a missile in the video below. In all, ADAM managed to destroy 8 such missiles during a recent test that occurred in April.Last year Lockheed Martin carried out a similar test, but in that case the missile that got destroyed was tethered and moved along a predetermined path. Clearly progress has been made and ADAM can now track a freely moving target.Although the laser’s range is limited to 2km, ADAM can actually track objects up to 5km away, and by plugging in an external radar can take a cue to engage with an unmanned aerial system (UAS). For a missile response, ADAM is a completely self-contained unit capable of detecting the threat, aiming, and firing the laser to disable and destroy it.last_img read more

ISS astronaut demonstrates how to wash your hair in space

first_imgAstronaut Chris Hadfield did a lot to teach those of us stuck on Earth how certain everyday tasks work in space, and ISS Expedition 36 crew member and flight engineer Karen Nyberg looks set to continue that education by showing us how she goes about washing her hair while aboard the space station.Anything to do with water in space is a difficult and potentially messy experience. The water tends to just float away from anything you try and soak with it, and hair is no exception. Nyberg uses a combination of water and no-rinse shampoo to get the dirt out of her hair, but it’s far from a perfect cleaning regime. The water has to be worked into the hair as best it can using fingers and a comb, then the shampoo is applied and again worked in with fingers. Finally, a little more water and a towel to dry off brings the cleaning to an end.I’m actually surprised Nyberg didn’t cut her hair short before she traveled to the ISS. It’s clear in the video that she didn’t get shampoo on all of her hair, and it must get in the way assuming she doesn’t tie it up. I wonder if she’d cut it short for a second visit?Keeping your hair clean comes a distant second to ensuring hygiene by having clean hands. And Hadfield demonstrated how messy that was a few months ago. What’s interesting is how the water that escapes is dealt with, though. The liquid evaporates and becomes humidity in the air. Then the ISS air conditioning system collects it, puts it through a water processing system, and turns it into drinking water.last_img read more

South Korea impeaches its president over corruption scandal

first_img 13 Comments By AFP Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL 7,860 Views Image: Ahn Young-joon SOUTH KOREAN LAWMAKERS have passed an impeachment motion against President Park Geun-Hye, stripping away her sweeping executive powers over a corruption scandal that paralysed her administration and triggered massive street protests.Geun-Hye has apologised and urged vigilance on the economy and security.The National Assembly ballot transfers Park’s authority to the prime minister, pending a decision by the Constitutional Court on whether to ratify the decision and permanently remove the president from office.A ruling could take up to six months, during which time Park will remain in the presidential Blue House while the country faces an extended period of political uncertainty and policy paralysis.The motion was adopted by 234 votes to 56, easily securing the required two-thirds majority in the 300-seat chamber.“I declare that the bill to impeach President Park Geun-Hye has just been approved,” announced speaker Chung Se-Kyun.“Whether you support or oppose it, all lawmakers and South Korean people who are watching this grave situation unfold must feel so miserable and heavy at heart,” he added. Image: Ahn Young-jooncenter_img Friday 9 Dec 2016, 9:06 AM Share Tweet Email I deeply wish that such tragedy in our constitutional history will not be repeated ever again.The anonymous paper ballot was conducted against the background din of hundreds of slogan-chanting protesters outside the assembly building, screaming “Impeach Park.”The result marked a startling fall from grace for a politician who had run for the Blue House as an incorruptible candidate, declaring herself beholden to nobody and “married to the nation”.Fall from grace South Korean protesters shout slogans during a rally calling for South Korean President Park Geun-hye to step down in Seoul, South Korea Source: Lee Jin-manAfter just under four years in power, she now faces the prospect of going down in history as the first democratically-elected South Korean president to be kicked out of office.The impeachment motion had accused Park of constitutional and criminal violations ranging from a failure to protect people’s lives to bribery and abuse of power.Supported by all 171 opposition and independent lawmakers, its adoption was made possible by an anti-Park faction within the president’s Saenuri party.The entire opposition had threatened to resign their seats immediately if the motion was defeated.The push for impeachment was driven by massive protests that have seen millions take to the streets of Seoul and other cities in recent weeks, demanding Park’s ouster.The scandal that has engulfed the president and paralysed her administration has focused on her friendship with long-time confidante Choi Soon-Sil.Choi has been charged with meddling in state affairs and using her Blue House connections to force dozens of conglomerates to donate around $70 million to two foundations she controlled.In a first for a sitting South Korean president, Park has been named a “suspect” by prosecutors investigating the case.History of corruption A protester wearing a mask of South Korean President Park Geun-hye marches toward the presidential house during a rally calling for Park to step down Source: Ahn Young-joonHigh-level corruption has long been a stain on South Korea’s democratic credentials and the presidential Blue House is no stranger to allegations of cronyism.Since South Korea’s first free and fair election in 1987, every president has faced graft investigations after leaving office and one — Roh Moo-Hyun — took his own life as a corruption probe closed in on his family.Their cases often involved family members who were able to leverage links to the president in a society where political influence has traditionally had a very close and unhealthy rapport with business success.Park, the daughter of military strongman Park Chung-Hee who led the country from 1961 to 1979, was meant to be different.Both her parents were assassinated and, estranged from her two siblings, she promoted herself as invulnerable to nepotism.“I have no family to look after nor children to inherit my property … I want to devote myself to the nation and the people,” she said in a speech during the 2012 presidential campaign.The image of duty and self-sacrifice played well with the conservative base of her ruling Saenuri Party, especially older voters who saw her as a virtuous survivor of personal tragedy.All the more shocking were the revelations of the extraordinary influence Choi wielded over the president — from selecting her wardrobe to vetting the appointment of top officials.- © AFP, 2016Read: Boris Johnson shuts down interview when asked name of South Korea’s president>Read: Hundreds of thousands protest against president in South Korea capital> Dec 9th 2016, 9:06 AM South Korea impeaches its president over corruption scandal There had been massive street protests over the scandal.last_img read more

Second man 18 charged with murder of David Daithi Douglas

first_img No Comments By Tom Tuite 10,896 Views Mar 16th 2017, 12:02 PM Second man (18) charged with murder of David ‘Daithi’ Douglas Douglas was shot dead on a Dublin street last year. Thursday 16 Mar 2017, 12:02 PM The scene of the shooting. Image: Sam Boal center_img AN 18-YEAR-OLD man has been sent forward for trial to the Special Criminal Court after he was charged with the murder of David ‘Daithi’ Douglas who was shot dead on a Dublin street last year.Douglas, 55, from Killala Road, in Cabra in north Dublin was fatally wounded in a shooting outside a shop on Bridgefoot Street in Dublin on afternoon of 1 July last. The father-of-one was standing in the doorway of a shop owned by his wife Yumei when he was approached and shot several times. He was the ninth person to die in the Hutch-Kinahan feud which has claimed the lives of 10 people.This morning, Nathan Foley, from Rosary Road, Dublin 8, was brought to appear before Judge Michael Walsh at Dublin District Court.He is charged with the murder of David Douglas and criminal damage to a car at Strand Road, Dublin 4 three days later.ChargedDetective Sergeant Paul Murphy, of Kilmainham Garda station told the court that Mr Foley “made no reply after caution” when he was charged at 10.31am this morning.Garda Darren Reid also told the court that Foley had no reply when he was charged with criminal damage to the car.A State solicitor told the court that the book of evidence was ready and it was served in court by Detective Sergeant Murphy. The court heard the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has directed trial on indictment but “ the ordinary courts are inadequate for effective administration of justice” in this case.In accordance with the Offences Against the State Act, the DPP has granted certificate for Foley to be sent forward for trial to the non-jury Special Criminal Court.Judge Walsh granted the State’s request and told the accused he was being returned for trial to the Special Criminal Court. A date for Foley’s next hearing has yet to be allocated and he has not indicated how he will plead to the charges.Legal aidDressed in a light blue top, runners and grey tracksuit bottoms, Foley did not address the court during the hearing. Judge Walsh noted the accused is unemployed and he acceded to a request from defence solicitor Matthew de Courcy to grant legal aid to Foley.The judge also directed that copies of videos of interviews were to be disclosed to the defence.A second man, Frederick ‘Freddie’ Thompson, of Loreto Road, Maryland, in Dublin had been charged earlier with the murder and is due before Cloverhill District Court today.Comments are closed for legal reasons.Read: Detectives arrest man in relation to murder of David ‘Daithí’ Douglas> Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Sam Boal The scene of the shooting. Short URL Share Tweet Email last_img read more

The big thing for me was to show its not just depression

first_imgI don’t know what depression feels like. I didn’t really feel down and out in myself but I did feel like I couldn’t handle this anymore. [I was] totally overwhelmed and thinking how can I keep this up?“I’ve always loved having a busy lifestyle, and that’s a choice. But everything got on top of me and I knew I needed some help.”Amanda’s year started with her granny becoming sick. There were fears that she might not survive the illness but she managed to pull through.Her recovery brought relief to Amanda and her family, but the difficulties continued for the then-27-year-old throughout the rest of 2018.The Roscommon defender manages the Fullbody Workhouse gym in Roscommon, a job which she has loved for the last two years. She’s also a qualified nutritionist, which, coupled with her involvement in Gaelic football, has resulted in several clubs looking to employ her services.Teams of different age grades offered her work last year, which she accepted. And it didn’t take long for the workload to gobble up her time. McLoone in action for Roscommon against Meath last year. Source: Tommy Dickson/INPHOAlong with lining out for the Roscommon ladies who reached the All-Ireland intermediate semi-final last year, Amanda also transferred clubs during the season. The switch saw her move from her home club St Faithleach’s in Roscommon to Westmeath side Garrycastle.In short, she had a lot going on.“I did way too much last year,” she says after rattling off the exhausting list of clubs she worked with in 2018.See, my problem is I can’t say no to things. And I’ve already had to say no to so many things this year which is such a good thing on my behalf.Home life has been difficult for Amanda in recent years.She lost her father Denis to pancreatic cancer in 2015, a special person in her life who was responsible for her taking an interest in sport when she was young.She wasn’t exactly a natural when she first started out but she persevered, and her father’s encouragement ultimately helped her develop into an inter-county talent.He was her biggest supporter and the one she called after every game to analyse her performance, a ritual which she misses.“Not being able to pick up the phone is a big thing,” she told The42 last year.“Confidence was something I really struggled with playing football because I wasn’t good. It was always something that I needed off people, if you know what I mean. He was really good for doing it for me.” McLoone: ‘It was just a really tough time, the toughest time. I would say tougher than my Dad dying.’ Source: Sam Barnes/SPORTSFILEHer mother Carmel has suffered from mental health problems and following her father’s passing, Amanda stepped in to help.Her sister Laura played a big part too, but with her now living abroad, Amanda found herself shouldering much of the responsibility on her own.The nature of her mother’s condition means that she is often admitted to hospital for treatment and Amanda helps to bring her in and out. But with several other commitments already in her life, she struggled to manage everything.She was surrounded by a solid support network, including her boyfriend Owen and her friends, but she couldn’t escape the overwhelming feeling.It was really hard. The biggest thing for me was ‘how is this ever going to change? Is this going to be a constant thing of her going in and out of hospital? Are they going to do anything to help that?’“I can’t constantly look after her, I’m not qualified to do that. It was just a really tough time, the toughest time. I would say tougher than my Dad dying. And it wasn’t that I didn’t have support.“Owen was brilliant, Laura was great. My friends were so good but there’s still only so much they can do. That was the hardest part. I suppose I ended up burning out, thinking I can’t keep doing everything for everybody. That’s what I was doing and I was doing nothing for myself.”During the time when she couldn’t cope, Amanda frequently experienced low moods and was struggling to sleep properly.She was trying to function and work through the growing list of tasks but her low energy levels couldn’t sustain her. Unsurprisingly, her performances on the pitch suffered as a result.“In fairness, I explained everything that was going on to the county manager because it was having an effect on my performance. People would say to you, ‘Oh just forget about it on the pitch.’ You can’t do that.That idea is in the back of your mind all the time and no matter how much you try and just get over it, you can’t. It takes a lot more than just getting over it.”Amanda was proactive about confronting her mental health issues, and she took a decision to seek help as soon as she felt it was deteriorating beyond her control. McLoone discovered the WGPA counselling service through a life coach. Source: David Fitzgerald/SPORTSFILEA conversation with a life coach brought up the WGPA’s counselling services and Amanda was immediately intrigued.She knew former Tyrone footballer Gemma Begley, who is also a member of the WGPA executive, and was drawn to the idea of reaching out to them straight away.It was the best thing I’ve ever done. It helped me deal with things outside of my control because you do have choices, but I felt like I had no choice.“I had to play football, I had to do work, I had to look after my mother. But at the same time it was a choice. And I let everything else get before me whereas I could have taken a step back to look after myself.“It was just like a feeling of total overwhelming. It was as if there were bricks on top of you and they were just pushing you further and further down. I’d tick something off the list and I’d have a million other things to do on that list.I’d never felt that way before in my life and I’m always such a positive person. When I was feeling that I could no longer be positive about any situation, I was like, ‘There’s something wrong, I have to see somebody.’“That’s where counselling really helped me realise that I have to put myself first because I can’t look after everybody else if I’m not looking after myself.”Amanda attended six sessions of therapy and finished up in much better health just before Christmas.The counselor empowered her with some coping mechanisms which Amanda has relied upon in some life situations since then. She instantly felt better equipped to deal with the circumstances and has restored some balance in her life.And if her mental health was to ever suffer in the future, she wouldn’t hesitate to contact the WGPA’s service again.“I would talk to anyone about these issues, I’m so comfortable talking about things. I’m a pretty open book and talking is my way of dealing with things. I think it’s nearly easier to tell a stranger, I had no problem at all talking about it.I wasn’t always open but the last few years I really have and I just feel it’s much easier to be able to talk than trying to hide things.”After engaging with their services, Amanda also did an interview with the WGPA about her journey to improving the condition of her mental health.She was thrilled with the positive public response, and several readers who experienced something similar contacted Amanda to say she had inspired them to speak to a professional too.Amanda wanted to inform people about the existence of mental health issues outside of depression, and the messages in her inbox proved she had achieved that.“It was showing people that it’s ok to be overwhelmed and to say you need help about something.“And that it’s not necessarily that you’re depressed, there can be other issues around mental health that aren’t just depression and anxiety. Being overwhelmed and being too stressed out are all mental health issues as well.  Roscommon’s All-Ireland journey ended at the semi-final stage last year. Source: Oisin Keniry/INPHO“Especially with the likes of an inter-county player, sometimes they can get overwhelmed and there is a big ask of them. They have a job and then they have their inter-county career which is like a second job.“People can become overwhelmed and stressed, and that’s not even taking into account what’s going on outside of their lives.”Amanda presumed her inter-county career was over after Roscommon’s heavy defeat to Meath in the All-Ireland semi-final last year, and she subsequently began making plans to return to education in 2019.That didn’t work out however, and with some free time on her hands again, she decided to give it one final spin with the Rossies. The prospect of breaking through the barrier to finally reach an All-Ireland decider was too tempting to walk away from.“This is the last year,” she laughs. “Everyone’s heard that from me at this stage but I just can’t do it again.”The reigning intermediate Connacht champions are two wins from two in Division 3 of the Lidl National League and will renew their rivalry with Meath in Round 3 this weekend.Amanda has been running a blog called ‘Clean And Lean Sporty Girl’ for the last few years, which is still thriving with over 3,000 followers on Instagram at the time of publication.She doesn’t put herself under pressure to commit to any schedule for posting material, and the nature of her messages has changed over time.The focus now is about promoting the importance of “looking after yourself”.She had to discover the truth about taking care of her mental health the hard way, but she’s relieved to know that speaking about her experience has motivated others to do the same.“If it helped one person…The big thing for me was to show that it’s not just necessarily depression and anxiety. There’s loads of other mental health issues and sometimes it’s being affected by someone with a mental health issue that can affect you.“It’s not as clear cut as people make it out to be sometimes.”Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: Feb 23rd 2019, 7:01 AM 2 Comments Saturday 23 Feb 2019, 7:00 AM 15,644 Views Short URL ‘The big thing for me was to show it’s not just depression and anxiety. There’s loads of mental health issues’ Roscommon footballer Amanda McLoone reached out to the WGPA counselling service last year when she began to feel overwhelmed in her life. ROSCOMMON FOOTBALLER AMANDA McLoone knew something was wrong when she couldn’t feel positive about anything anymore last year. Amanda McLoone turned to the WGPA when she needed help last year. Source: Ray McManus/SPORTSFILEBetween her work, sporting commitments, and home life, she had a busy timetable. Too busy.She has always felt comfortable leading a hectic life and would hate the idea of ever being idle for too long. But her schedule had reached saturation point in 2018.The list of things to be done seemed never-ending. One task would be completed only for several more to immediately flood in and smother her.Her constant battle with the workload gradually led to burnout and she was quick to identify that she needed to do something about it.Nobody suggested to her that she should seek professional help or counselling, but many of her friends nodded in agreement when she revealed to them that she was going to talk to someone.“I hate saying I felt depressed because it’s not fair to, I didn’t feel depressed,” she tells The42 in a café in Athlone on what happens to be her 28th birthday. Subscribe Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share454 Tweet Email2 By Sinead Farrelllast_img read more

EU agrees to delay Brexit until 22 May if Withdrawal Deal passes

first_img Mar 21st 2019, 10:07 PM In the conference the President of the European Council Donald Tusk said the UK now has four options: a deal, no deal, a long delay or revoking article 50. He said: EU agrees to delay Brexit until 22 May if Withdrawal Deal passes next week The European Council came to the agreement following lengthy discussions in Brussels. 64 Comments As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: Image: Stefan Rousseau Updated Mar 21st 2019, 10:36 PM THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL has agreed to delay the date by which the UK leaves the European Union by almost two months if the Withdrawal Agreement is passed by the UK parliament next week.If the agreement is not passed by the House of Commons the new deadline will be 12 April and Britain will be expected to indicate a way forward to the European Council before that date.At that point the UK will face the choice of participating in the European Parliament elections at the end of May or else exiting the EU without a deal.Following lengthy discussions in Brussels the 22 May deadline was unanimously agreed upon by the 27 leaders of the European Union’s member states as a number of possible rumoured deadlines circulated ahead of, and during, the meeting today.UK Prime Minister Theresa May had sought an extension until the end of June.The UK had been legally obliged to leave the European Union on 29 March (next Friday), two years to the day after Article 50 was triggered by Theresa May, which sets the Brexit process in motion. Speaking at a press conference after the agreement was announced the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU is ready for all outcomes, including a no-deal Brexit. Short URL Image: Stefan Rousseaucenter_img Juncker says they’ve tried everything to get this deal over the finishing line.— Gráinne Ní Aodha (@GAodha) March 21, 2019 Thursday 21 Mar 2019, 10:36 PM 49,547 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article The 12th of April is a key date in terms of the UK deciding whether to hold European Parliament elections. If it has not decided to do so by then, the option of long extension will automatically become impossible.He added that the meeting has left him more optimistic about the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.Theresa May refused to select her favourite of Tusk’s four options when asked about it in her own press conference, however she reiterated that she will not countenance revoking article 50.The British leader welcomed the EU’s decision to delay Brexit and said the British parliament now has clear choices about what to do next.“I hope we can all agree, we are now at the moment of decision,” she said.It had been argued that there would be legal implications of granting an extension to article 50 beyond the European elections.Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan had said previously that the EU’s legal advice is “there would be European elections in the UK if an extension was granted beyond 23 May”.The draft Withdrawal Agreement next week has already been rejected twice before – first by an historic majority of 230 votes, and then by a majority of 149 votes.It’s expected that a third ‘meaningful vote’ will be held next Monday or Tuesday. If the deal is rejected for a third time, it’s not clear what would happen next.French President Emmanuel Macron was among those who said that a vote against Theresa May’s deal would lead to a no-deal Brexit.With reporting by Céimin Burke Share217 Tweet Email By Gráinne Ní Aodha Source: Gráinne Ní Aodha/Twitterlast_img read more

The poster debate may be ongoing but theres no debate about posters

first_img Tuesday 30 Apr 2019, 2:34 PM Image: Sam Boal/ Apr 30th 2019, 2:34 PM 29 Comments Short URL Posters on lamposts may be fine, but not electricity poles. Image: Sam Boal/ 13,483 Views center_img By Hayley Halpin The poster debate may be ongoing, but there’s no debate about posters on poles says ESB The electricity utility has said dangerous situations have been created in the past by doing so. Share59 Tweet Email1 ESB NETWORKS IS warning campaigners for the European and local elections that putting up posters on electricity poles is strictly prohibited.Voting for the elections takes place on 24 May and posters have been erected across the country since last week.The electricity utility has said dangerous situations have been created in the past by individuals or parties erecting posters on electricity poles.“There is a very real danger to life when placing posters on live electricity poles. Posters have caused the pole to catch fire as well as creating blind spots for traffic,” ESB Networks said.In some cases, ESB Networks has been required to interrupt the electricity supply to households and businesses in order to safely remove these dangerous posters.Posters that are erected on electricity poles will be removed by ESB Networks. It warned that the costs incurred may be recovered from the respective parties and groups involved.“ESB Networks regularly advise the general public to always stay clear of electricity poles and wires through its TV, radio and social media campaigns. It is important that these messages are taken on board in the interest of safety,” the utility said.In the event of a dangerous situation or emergency, the public is reminded to immediately phone ESB Networks emergency service on 1850 372 999. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Posters on lamposts may be fine, but not electricity poles. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

GOCs prepare for elections in December

first_imgThe Greek Orthodox Community of NSW held its annual general meeting two Sundays ago, where it appointed the Electoral Committee that is going to supervise the conduct of the upcoming elections. The elections are scheduled to be held on October 6 between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm. Any financial member has the right to vote. Candidacies for a position in the Executive Board can be submitted to the Electoral Committee no later than November 22. Any member that has been registered since June 6, 2009 is eligible to be a candidate. According to the Community, by law any member that can attend on election day can exercise their vote through a proxy. These proxy votes can be submitted no later than 72 hours before the actual elections.Meanwhile, when this report was written, the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria (GOCMV) had not set a specific date for its annual general meeting. Sources, however, suggested that it is likely to take place at the end of November with elections to follow upon the appointment of an Electoral Committee. The President of the GOCMV, Bill Papastergiadis has announced that he will be introducing a motion to amend the constitution to limit the term of the President of the Community. Mr Papastergiadis is proposing a two-term limitation to avoid entrenchment and encourage succession planning, “The Community should have rotating leadership and it’s also incumbent upon us to encourage succession planning,” Mr Papastergiadis said. He rejected the concern that finding appropriate leadership every two terms maybe a challenge for the community, by saying, “I am simply articulating what my position is.”  Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

OPAP Q2 net profit down

first_imgEurope’s biggest betting firm OPAP announced today an annual 30.4 per cent drop in second-quarter net profit, hit by a deep recession in its debt-choked Greek home market. OPAP, 34 per cent owned by the Greek state, is key to the government’s plans to raise 5 billion euros from privatisations this year under an EU/IMF bailout plan. Net profit was 106.9 million euros, below the average forecast from analysts’ for 121.8 million euros. Results were hit by a deferred tax charge and by the absence of major sporting events such as the World Cup soccer tournament, which had boosted last year’s revenues. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) dropped 28 per cent to 154 million euros, with the EBITDA margin falling to 14.4 per cent from 15.6 in the second quarter last year. In a move to boost its value, OPAP has been adding new games and overhauling its outlets. A new Greek gaming law grants the firm an exclusive licence to operate 35,000 videolotto machines (VLTs) that will be launched in the country. Chief Executive Officer Yannis Spanoudakis said OPAP’s network of 5,500 outlets in Greece and Cyprus and its robust balance sheet enabled the firm to tap this new opportunity. “The recent endorsement of the new Greek gaming law… provides us with a much-needed visibility for the gaming business environment over the coming years,” Spanoudakis said. Analysts expect the new VLT business to be a growth catalyst for the firm. But they also warn that it might hurt profit in the long run, because VLTs yield lower profit margins than OPAP’s current operations. Second-quarter sales fell 22 per cent to 1.069 billion euros as austerity measures curtailed Greeks’ appetite for betting. Turnover from the two flagship games Kino and Stihima declined 16.3 per cent and 35.8 per cent. OPAP has shed 35 per cent of its market value so far this year amid plunging stock markets due to the eurozone debt crisis.Source: Athens News Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Tax evaders to answer for dues of 9 mln euros

first_imgPolice in Attica arrested another three people for tax arrears amounting to just over nine million euros.In Athens, 56-year-old manager of an unidentified company was detained in connection with an unpaid tax bill of 6.5 million euros.In the neighborhood of Vyronas, a 44-year-old was taken in over outstanding tax dues of 2 million euros. And in the coastal suburb of Elliniko, a 43-year-old was arrested for arrears of nearly 600,000 euros.The three suspects were to face an Athens prosecutor within the course of the day.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

New Achilleas Youth Group to promote philanthropy

first_imgThe Australian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association has created a new youth branch called Achilleas Youth. The group aims to promote philanthropy and active citizenship amongst Greeks worldwide. Founding President of Achilleas Youth, Jiannis Tsaousis, says he is “proud of Achilleas Youth filling a void where there is currently little potential for students of Greek origin to promote philanthropy, the values of ancient Greece and Byzantium, be active citizens of the world and realise our leadership qualities.” The group hopes to become a platform for debate and discussion and encourage philanthropy in the community. It hopes to raise awareness of important issues concerning the diaspora, Greece and its history. AHEPA is the world’s largest Hellenic organisation and the world’s third largest civic service organisation only behind Rotary and the Lions clubs. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more